World leader in
shallow dip mining

World leader in shallow dip mining

MINRAIL inc. was created in 2012 to respond to a problem that seemed insurmountable for several mining companies, namely the recovery of the wealth contained in shallow-dip deposits. MINRAIL and its Shallow Angle Mining System (S.A.M.S) method makes it possible to follow the steps similar to the extraction of a massive deposit, from installation to development drilling, production drilling and blasting, as well as site withdrawal and backfilling. All on sites previously deemed to be too difficult to access or unsafe with a conventional mining method. A significant aspect is that MINRAIL allows the development of unexploited resources that can make a big difference in the viability of an operation.





mining operation

Mining operations


Better security
for employees

ore transport

Among the technological improvements to come, MINRAIL’s plans is to offer complete automation to ensure management of ore transport, from the blasting site to the processing plant.


Underground mine


Ore transport

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