About us


MINRAIL inc. was created in 2012 to respond to a problem that seemed insurmountable for several mining companies, namely the recovery of the wealth contained in shallow-dip deposits. MINRAIL and its Shallow Angle Mining System (S.A.M.S) method makes it possible to follow the steps similar to the extraction of a massive deposit, from installation to development drilling, production drilling and blasting, as well as site withdrawal and backfilling. All on sites previously deemed to be too difficult to access or unsafe with a conventional mining method. A significant aspect is that MINRAIL allows the development of unexploited resources that can make a big difference in the viability of an operation.

The realization of MINRAIL, from its conception to its installation, is simply genius, thanks to the competence and daring of our people. Design, development, machining, assembly, construction, installation, operator training… each phase of MINRAIL’s production relies on the skills and know-how of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the quintessential Canadian mining region.

Our teams work together to adapt existing equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. The constant concern for the implementation of health / safety measures is another example of the significant presence and support of MINRAIL teams with its customers.

La réalisation de MINRAIL, de sa conception à son installation, relève du génie, de la compétence et de l’audace des gens d’ici. Conception, développement, usinage, assemblage, construction, installation, formation des opérateurs… chaque phase de la réalisation de MINRAIL repose sur la compétence et le savoir-faire de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, région minière canadienne par excellence.

Nos équipes collaborent aux réajustements des équipements en place pour en assurer une efficacité maximale. La préoccupation constante pour la mise en place des mesures de santé/sécurité est un autre exemple de la présence et de l’accompagnement significatifs des équipes de MINRAIL auprès de sa clientèle.

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Each service offered by MINRAIL corresponds to specific needs: custom design and manufacturing, installation on mining sites, user training. Our engineering services participate in the development of mining patterns adapted to the increased capacities of the new facilities.


S.A.M.S is the result of long years of research and development carried out in Quebec by the CRIQ (Center de recherche industrielle du Québec) and SOREDEM (Société de recherche et de développement minier), in the 1980s and 1990s.


Marc Beauvais, mining engineer, co-founder and current president at Minrail, had the idea to revive the project.


Minrail Inc is founded in association and the company acquires intellectual rights and patents for Canada, the United States and Europe.


The first workshop tests are carried out.


The first S.A.M.S prototype is being tested in real conditions at the Beaufort Mine, owned by Richmont. The project demonstrates the relevance of the concept and the equipment creates interest in the mining sector.


Minrail signs a contract with Integra Gold Corp, now Eldorado Gold Quebec for the rental of S.A.M.S equipment


Minrail partners with Metal Marquis, the company becoming the official manufacturer of S.A.M.S equipment


The first S.A.M.S equipment is in operation at Eldorado Gold in the Triangle zone.


Development of (V5) and the “Ore transport” division.