advantages and solutions



MINRAIL is a unique system in the world that allows mining workers to perform tasks previously considered difficult to mining,to access deposits previously deemed inaccessible and above all, do so while taking advantage of the highest safety standards.

increased profitability

The efficiency of the S.AM.S. not only makes it possible to make exploitation profitable by recovering the wealth of shallow-dip veins, but it now allows to include these veins, formerly neglected, in the mineral reserves of a deposit. This addition of exploitable reserves plays a positive role in the financing of a mining project, whether it is at the feasibility study stage or during operation.

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mining operation

simplified mining operations

A versatile system, the S.A.M.S. method consists of following the steps similar to the extraction of a massive deposit: development drilling, production drilling, withdrawal, backfilling as needed. Ore is therefore mined in the early stages of development drilling and tapping, which generates income from the start of operations. S.A.M.S. is easy to install and requires only one operator. Anchored on rails to the ceiling of a gallery, the various modules support tools and transport workers to the coveted vein.

better employee safety

The mechanization of development and production drilling activities with the SAMS system, as well as the remote control of the various movements of the system, significantly reduces the risks associated with operations, ensuring increased safety for workers.

An emergency basket allows autonomous access to the mining site, without interrupting production activities. It moves on the rails of the S.A.M.S. system. It is mainly used for rescuers, but also for maintenance.


underground mines

S.A.M.S. arose from the need to reach shallow dip veins in underground mines.

The system can be used at every stage of the typical mining development cycle. Drilling, explosion, consolidation, clearing and installation of ventilation, etc. Its use during operation has certain advantages, among others, through its versatility, its adaptability and the safety resulting from its use.